Franklin Habit Workshops

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I thought some of you might be interested in coming to these workshops, especially those in nearby states to the Northern Coast of California. Three workshops being offered--1) Introduction to the History, Methods and Styles of Lace Knitting; 2) Lace Edgings: Before, During, and After; 3) Photographing Your Fiber. See the attached flyer for all the details.

Also, we've arranged for some reduced rates at two hotels in town, so email me if you want the details on that.

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sounds great and I'm close

sounds great and I'm close enough to actually attend. I'm just not sure this weekend works for me (unfortunately). Also not sure if I am "seasoned" enough as I am just finishing my first project, a knitt hat. We've (my husband) have talked about getting to Eureka for a visit. We get to Fort Bragg regularly and want to try heading further north soon.
Good luck and I hope you have a great turn out!! Gregg

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Lovely hat. Well

Lovely hat.
Well done.