Knitting in Public Day

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Hey, did anybody participate in Knitting in Public Day this year? For the last 8 months I've been knitting in public, so I really didn't do anything special.


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We ended up knitting inside

We ended up knitting inside because we had a major rainstorm that day. However, I knit in public all the time so it doesn't make much difference to me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm with you on the constant

I'm with you on the constant knitting in public. But the day I considered to be KIP day, I attended a family reunion, so I paraded my in-process boxers around and let the kiddies guess what I was making. Fun times!

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I had planned to meet some

I had planned to meet some friends from the Bronx for a WWKIPD event in Midtown. I was knitting on the subway enroute to the location but when I got there, they weren't there. I stayed awhile, knitted and waited, and answered some questions for passersby, but it eventually got too hot to stay outside so I hoofed it over to the subway and back to Harlem for some knitting indoors by the A/C.

Next time someone plans a WWKIPD event, it should be indoors and either in the spring or the fall. The summer outside is just too muggy for knitting.

We are taking a cruise December 3, so I will also be knitting in public for that entire week. A limited public, granted, as it's only the fellow passengers and crew, but when we cruise, I can usually finish an entire sweater or a shawl or an afghan. Onboard events don't do much for me, but I love the guilt free, telephone free, internet free, housework free, interruption free week of clicking needles and some heavy metal or alternative rock on the iPod.