My half day Rocky Mountain motorcycle & fiber tour

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Yesterday was one of those amazing days with beautiful weather and clear skies so I headed west and up into the mountains with the motorcycle. It was Sunday so many places would be closed but I decided to do a "fiber" tour to stop by LYSs, alpaca farms, etc.

My route covered about 160 miles roundtrip and went through:

- Golden
- Golden Gate State Park
- Nederland (The Alpaca Store)
- Allenspark (Sunshine Mountain Lodge where we'll have MRMKR)
- Estes Park (Switzer-land Alpacas)
- Lyons (Paradise Valley Alpacas)
- Boulder (Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins LYS and Schacht Spindle Co.)
- then back down to Golden and Denver.

The attached files include some of the pics I took along the way. It was a wonderfully spent 5 hours I have to say!!

Motorcycle & Fiber tour1.pdf1.23 MB
Motorcycle & Fiber tour2.pdf1.18 MB
Motorcycle & Fiber tour3.pdf1.38 MB
Motorcycle & Fiber tour4.pdf1.34 MB
Motorcycle & Fiber tour5.pdf1.2 MB


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Ditto on the jealous.

Ditto on the jealous. Beautiful pictures!

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What a fantastic trip - and

What a fantastic trip - and all in one day. Thanks for the vicarious outing, Frank!

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so, that is how you keep

so, that is how you keep from buying yarn... you just take your bike!

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Believe me - I can get quit

Believe me - I can get quit a bit on that bike and in that backpack!! :-)

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Yup - jealous!! ;)

Yup - jealous!!


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Gosh! That's beautiful!

Gosh! That's beautiful! Jealous.

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yeah, it's pretty beautiful!

yeah, it's pretty beautiful! I could do this every weekend I could!

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I can't believe you fit that

I can't believe you fit that all into an afternoon!!! I would think this was a several-day excursion!

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Yep - left the house around

Yep - left the house around 9am and got back at about 2:30pm.