Felting venture

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I bought some yarn at Hobby Lobby while I was in Tennessee. It is 86% wool, 6% mohair, and 8% acrylic. Will it felt? I know not totally because of the acrylic, but since it is mostly animal fiber, will it do a fair job of felting? Please let me know what you think. While I was in Tennessee, we only went to Hobby Lobby and Michael's. I did not get to go to any of the yarn shops in the area. The good thing is that we had a great and relaxing visit with my Granny. Now for knitting through the summer. Gotta find a project for my new Hobby Lobby Yarn.


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Do a test swatch and find

Do a test swatch and find out.

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Yes...the acrylic content is

Yes...the acrylic content is no match for the wool and mohair which will felt like mad!

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Yes, it will definitely

Yes, it will definitely felt. It probably won't get as solid as a 100% animal fiber yarn, but it will do a fairly decent job of it. I have felted with as little as 90% wool with good results.