Laughing Cat Baby Blanket

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I just completed a baby blanket for my first grandson (who was born yesterday!). It is the "Laughing Cat Shawl" design from Mmario.

I used Plymouth Yarns Babyshine in white on a U.S. #7 needle. It took a lot of yarn - approximately 1200 yards. The blanket ended up 44" square. I made it smaller than the pattern would have been bydoing Border B twice (instead of 4 times). Just for your information there is the body of the blanket, Border A (done 2x), Border B, and then the Cats paw edge.

It worked up quickly and is another example of Mmario's beautiful design work!


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Congratulations to everyone,

Congratulations to everyone, including the designer.

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Congratulations on all

Congratulations on all fronts! I, for one, look forward to photos of the lucky grandson wrapped in his first - of many, no doubt - gift from Grandpapa. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That is a beautiful blanket!

That is a beautiful blanket! Congratulations on the birth of your grandson!!


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Congratulations Rick. Enjoy

Congratulations Rick. Enjoy that new grandson. The blanket is beautiful, very nice work.

What a beautiful blanket for

What a beautiful blanket for your first grandchild. Congratulations on both counts.

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That is very lovely... I

That is very lovely... I think I wanna make one for myself!!!

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Beautiful. Great job!

Beautiful. Great job!

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Congratulations Rick!!! It

Congratulations Rick!!! It must be so exciting to be a new Grandfather. The blanket is GORGEOUS!!!

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Wonderful news, Rick...and a beautiful the tiny bit of sparkle from the yarn.

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Congrats on both counts!!

Congrats on both counts!!

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Rick!! Normally I would

Rick!! Normally I would just congratulate you on an amazing job on your blanket... it's absolutely beautiful. But more importantly in this case, congrats on GRANDFATHERHOOD!! Is this your first grandchild? You must be so thrilled!!