mskr in progress

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until MSKR.

Update 5/13 in seperate post

technnicaLLY, I think it's 16 and a fraction....I may be wrong, I have problems calculating dates.

Got a bunch of yard work I should do before then, and some "homework" and then there are the CD's I want to take with me....

Wondering if B-I-L will be home by then....(he's in hospital w/ hip surgery at the moment;)

Wondering If I can finish binding off the shawl I have on the needles because I want to use that needle to take to MSKR with a different shawl.

Worrying that the cat is paying far too much attention to me....usually I only get attention when I am sick...but he is missing his dad.....who usually snuggles with him at least twice a day.


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I'm here; good time, great

I'm here; good time, great food, lots of knitting. As I just mentioned to Ted; it's alll about me.

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Three CD's left to burn; 23

Three CD's left to burn; 23 to label.

I can burn on two different drives at work...but can only label on the (slow) (I mean SLOW!) one at home - so once these last couple have the data on them I am stuck 'till get home.

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futz! about a 20% failure

futz! about a 20% failure rate - all from the same burner

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If I can hit the schedule I

If I can hit the schedule I would like - in 24 hours I should be near Albany and almost to MSKR. 20 of 45 CD's burned....some may not get labeled the same as that's a seperate operation - and I was only able to do 22 last night and this morning....

Packing started - have all my homework done except a 6 inch square....which is really the only thing I needed to do except LOCATE yarn and needles/hooks - but I have time to do the square.

printed out everythignn I want to bring except the songs I may or may not have a chance to try and learn....

I have found at this type of thing I need to get off by myslef occasionally - and memorizing lyrics/and working out the phrasing is a good excuse. And I have a new digital recorder/toy to try out. If things go really well then I will have a good start on a Fiber Follies Music CD of parodies...

I don't want to be at work.

I don't want to be at work.

I don't want to be at work.

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the w*rkday is so

the w*rkday is so long....don't they know I need to be home, packing and making decisions and winding skeins into balls so I can take them with me thursday?

I'm going to forget something major, I know it...

oh well. in less then 48 hours I will be on the road...

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I think most of the critical

I think most of the critical stuff is done...I have clean clothes, if necessary I can just throw stuff in the car as I am driving...I WOULD like to get the car cleaned out - but have to get oil changed thursday morning.

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So much to do, so little

So much to do, so little time!

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Haven't wound that sock yarn

Haven't wound that sock yarn yet.....haven't made the data CD's I want to bring; haven't done my "homework"; Which reminds me - I need to stop on the way home tonight and see if they carry lightscribe cd's. and fill the gas tank. and grocery shop. and buy that tunisian crochet hook as I can't find the three I know I own.

Have several dozen shrubs/perennials I need to get planted. Luckily most of them are seedlings in 4 inch pots rather then larger plants in gallon sized. gardens to weed, the car to clean out; laundry;

Have to mail out some fund raiser music CD's that have been ordered (a project from my folk music forum) - but that's waiting on the check.

gotta change the litter box tonite, too....

in other words - life keeps getting in the way of my anticipation of the trip.

Oil change needs to be done on the car, too.

Can you delegate any of the

Can you delegate any of the above?

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current residents in the

current residents in the house:

brother in law with recently broken hip not yet mobile
sister waiting on #'s 2 and 3 above

so ,



That's part of the reason I intend to sleep late and nap frequently at MSKR

Even if you arrive exhausted

Even if you arrive exhausted I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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NO doubt about that. Feel

NO doubt about that. Feel better after today = did some socializing with people from the winter and summer weekend jobs; planted/potted or delivered 14 azaleas, four rhodies, a wegelia, two lilacs, 18 hostas. Have the remainder situated to plant; got in the grocery shopping; emptied part of the car and basically had a good day. Only two bare root plants left to deal with and about a dozen seedling azaleas, and then four or five perrennials that need to be plugged into their spots.

Then its back to the weed and mulch - which is never ending.

I'm really envious of the

I'm really envious of the hostas. I really love them, but can't grow them here. If I'm truly honest I'm envious of the fact that you have a proper 'planting' garden.

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looks like html doesn't work

looks like html doesn't work in the thread titles. oh well....

At the rate I'm going I will probably be stopping in a rest area of the NYS thruway to finish my "homework" for a course...on the thursday....but I also have the day AFTER off.....

I am really looking forward to a weekend. "awaY".

I *did* manage to finish casting off the shawl I've been working on for the last yonks or so yesterday; and rough blocked it this morning (I've discovered with a long enough soak just hanging most triangles over the shower bar Blocks them out enough for my purposes - unless they need a point raised on the edge.)

Next "project" is to get the sock yarn I want for my "Alien Sock Circle" shawl wound into balls. And clean the car.

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Yes it is 17 more days. This

Yes it is 17 more days. This year I plan to leave earlier on Thursday morning do I don't arrive so late in the day. I got settled in just in time for dinner. I'm hoping to have an easier time finding the place a swell this year. You know us city boys don't do well on country roads.

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Yeah, I was looking

Yeah, I was looking longingly at the calendar and the four whole days I have marked as MSKR with a bright red Sharpie. I too have a TON of work to do around this house before that weekend, not to mention a bag of wool that I need to finish picking so that it can be scoured and dried.

I'm contemplating installing webcams around the house so that I can monitor things periodically while I'm gone. I just know that the other human in the house, as well as all four dogs, are going to have a blast without the strict one with the really loud voice for four whole days. He'll be firmly planted on the couch each night in nothing but his undies (if that) watching Jerry Springer while the dogs boldly steal food from his dinner plate. Peanut butter will be spoon fed to them in the kitchen right from the jar, and he'll toss handfuls of dog food on the kitchen floor like he's feeding pigeons in the park because he will have run out of dog cookies by the end of the first day.

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Somewhere - I had a bag of

Somewhere - I had a bag of chiengora that I thought I might bring.....but I have to find it first.

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did you know dolphins are

did you know dolphins are just gay sharks

wherever you go, there you are

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If I had one, he would. He

If I had one, he would.

He already runs the house, controls our schedules and tries to dictate what I watch on tv.

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"i seriously think my cat is

"i seriously think my cat is reading my diary" Glee. 2010

wherever you go, there you are

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When I pulled my hamstring I

When I pulled my hamstring I went to see a misogynist.