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Here is my version of MMario's "Limberlost"

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That's amazing!

That's amazing!

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Wow! That's incredible!

Wow! That's incredible!

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-WOW- the talent!

-WOW- the talent!

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Extremely nice knitting. I

Extremely nice knitting. I hope you are considering it for yourself, perfect to drape over shoulders should you feel a draft. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful work! Annother

Beautiful work!

Annother Mmario design to add to the list!

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What a beautiful shawl

What a beautiful shawl Dennis! Your work is awesome!

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Thanks for posting pics!

Thanks for posting pics! It's lovely!

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That's very

That's very beautiful!
...but aren't you going to need something a bit warmer for Nova Scotia?

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That is gorgeous! Who gets

That is gorgeous! Who gets it? I want to see pictures of someone wearing it.

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Delicate, diaphanous,

Delicate, diaphanous, delicious!

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Nice work Dennis, and a good

Nice work Dennis, and a good pattern from MMario.

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beautiful. nice

beautiful. nice work

wherever you go, there you are

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Beautiful work, and good job

Beautiful work, and good job of blocking!

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Once again; a good knitter

Once again; a good knitter makes me look good.....

I love this world!

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Absolutely Gorgeous!

Absolutely Gorgeous!