Socks... Finally!

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I finally finished my son's socks. They are orange slipper socks with a short row heel. I debated about the heel for a long time, that is why it took so long to complete. He wore them to bed last night so I think he likes them. Now I need to try to finish the other ??? how many projects I have started. I think finishing his socks has me motivated to finish other projects. Happy knitting and enjoy this spring day!

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What a cute pair of socks.

What a cute pair of socks. I use slipper socks to teach sock knitting as you learn the basics very quickly and can apply them to "toothpicks and string" [if you want] at your own pace. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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They look lovely and warm

They look lovely and warm and comfy.

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They look great Russell!

They look great Russell! Orange is one of my favorite colors. Did you knit these toe up? I'm working on my first toe up pair right now and I LOVE Judy's Magic Cast-on! I think your son's act of wearing them to bed tells you all you need to know. Score!