Completed the Wedding Peacock Wedding Veil

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After 14 months I've finished the Wedding Peacock wedding veil design from MMario. The final count was 139,518 stitches, 4,725 crystal beads (3mm), approximately 2,200 yards of 60/2 silk on a US size 3 needle.

My daughter(Alaina) stopped by our house last night after work and tried it on. Even without a wedding dress it looked stunning. Simply dry, laying out it is 86" in

THANKS MMARIO it will be wonderful. Alaina is already saying that she will wear
it as a shawl during the wedding reception and then will have it stretched to
hang on her wall. (And there's only someone who, reading between the lines, has
sort of called her his girlfriend - so it will be a while.)

Don't look too carefully as there are some errors that are visible, but
over a wedding dress they'll never be seen!

I've also posted more pictures in Ravelry:


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I feel soooo out of the

I feel soooo out of the loop. This is breath-taking! I have a Canadian nephew or two for her - Vancouver??

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Artistic spiders...I like

Artistic spiders...I like that. What a great result for the first "test piece". -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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i am just jealous... what a

i am just jealous... what a beautiful pattern and wonderful craftmanship with ur work..

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Rick! Well done!!! You

Rick! Well done!!! You absolutely have to post a picture of your daughter wearing it. When is the wedding?

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There's not even a boyfriend

There's not even a boyfriend now. She's not quite 30 - and absolutely beautiful! So...if there are any groom applicants let me know!

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Where's she located? Ive

Where's she located? Ive got this nephew in Boulder.....

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The best offer yet! She

The best offer yet! She lives in downtown Denver, is about 5'7" and weighs... well let's leave something to the imagination! But she's BEAUTIFUL. She is a surface finisher (fancy name for faux painter, fancy name for painter), athletic, and tends to go for the bad boy type (hence no marriage offers). I'll post a pic of her on this post in a second (just because I'm even more proud of having had a part in making her than in the veil.)

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That's the other killer

That's the other killer point on this on.....he knit the veil on spec.....

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Magnificent. Absolutely

Magnificent. Absolutely magnificent

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Looks great. Absolutely

Looks great. Absolutely amazing. Are you going to block it out hard? If so, can't wait to see that. Nothing like a good blocking to make me drool!

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Actually you can't tell on

Actually you can't tell on the pic but as fine as the silk is I don't think it would take hard blocking. And...if you can imagine the silk is only slightly heavier than sewing thread and knit on a US 3 it means about 3 1/2 - 4 rows per inch - so it certainly doesn't need opening up any more - any more open and the pattern would probably completely disappear!

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Rick, I think I'm going to

Rick, I think I'm going to have to go to the hospital to have my jaw surgically replaced to its original position! WOW! It's amazing! I'm in the midst of knitting my first lace shawl right now (by the aforementioned MMario) and makes me all that much more appreciative of the work and dedication you put into this heirloom! Congratulations!


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This is a beautiful piece of

This is a beautiful piece of work.....I admire your patience, your daughter will have an heirloom she can pass down through the generations. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!1

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It looks beautiful Rick, I

It looks beautiful Rick, I admire your patience and perseverence.

Congratulations MMario.

WOW Rick. What a beautiful

WOW Rick. What a beautiful veil. No wonder your daughter looked gorgeous in this. It looks like a very delicate heirloom piece. I hope we don't have to wait too long before we see her wearing it.

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OMGOMGOMG!!!!!! What Rick


What Rick hasn't told anypne that I know of is that he went and knit this pattern UNPROOFED AND WITHOUT IT BEING TEST KNIT!!!!

I've been chewing my fingers to the bone every time he has mentioned this waiting on the result, because there is NO WAY I would have survived my own castigation if it hadn't worked.

It is GORGEOUS! Like mist and dew.....

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You've been stressed for

You've been stressed for fourteen months! looks like it was knitted by artistic spiders...

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Extremely nice, Rick. And

Extremely nice, Rick. And those aren't "errors"...they are design elements to make the work "original". Some fantastic knitting, that's for certain. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's GORGEOUS! ....maybe

....maybe Alaina needs to take out an advertisement..." Have Wedding Veil..will Marry" !