UPDATE: Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2010

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Hello Everybody!!

Okay, the final decision has been made. This year the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat will be:

Thursday, September 16 - Sunday, September 19th
We will be returning to beautiful Dumas Bay Centre in WA state.

Thurs - Sun - $260
Here’s the fee/price breakdown per person:
$260 - Private room for 4 days/3 nights (Thurs-Sun, includes all meals/tea coffee, & LINENS!!!)
$33 - Admin Fee (this compensates me & assistants for our planning and execution time)
$40.00 - Printing/Supplies Fees/Badges/Thank you cards/postage/phone
$10 - Men’s Knitting Retreat fee (this helps maintain the website and our group liability insurance)
$14 - PayPal Fees (this is now 4% of the total cost and is charged when you transfer money via PayPal)
$5.00 - Teaching stipend (we are offering $20 stipend for instructors/per class)
$362.00 GRAND TOTAL (does NOT include your air fare, gas, shuttles, etc.)

Check-In Time is 3pm (9/16 or 9/17), Check-Out Time is 11am (9/19)
There is a 90 Day Contract Signing deadline (6/29)
There will be ABSOLUTELY no refunds, once we reach the 30 Day mark (8/16)

Directions to the facility are here. Transportation Recommendations are:

* Shuttle Express: 1-800-487-7433 or 425-981-7000
* Local Yellow Taxi : Garry - 206-334-7498 (cell) or 253-941-4802. Garry lives locally and works 5 AM - 5 PM providing airport and other local service
* Diamond Taxi: Dave 253-275-7208 Dave lives locally and works 4 AM - 4 PM

I have given Dumas Bay our request for reservation but we don’t officially have the reservation until I make the deposit. I’ll be signing the contract within the next 60 days. The sooner you can reserve and make your payment, the sooner I can sign the contract. If you’re interested in going, please let me know on this forum and via email @ mikealanwade (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.

At the moment we have 30 rooms on hold (the same number we had last year). I can ask for more rooms, but for now, I’ll keep a waiting list, when we reach 30 men.

I’ll be making a poster, similar to the one I made for 2009, but with pictures from the past retreat! When, it’s ready, I’ll include a link and how to get a copy for promoting to your networks/contacts.

I look forward to seeing all your faces (well, most of them, plus some new ones) for this year’s retreat!


Hey There Gents,

After reviewing your comments, PMs and other feedback, I’ve decided to go with the devil we know for this year, so it’s Dumas Bay Centre *** !

I know that Labor Day Weekend doesn’t work for several of you (both from posts and PMs), so I checked on additional free dates. The only one that I could do is:

Thursday - Sunday, Sept. 16-19, 2010. Both Banquet Room 1 (the room we covet/Quilter’s Room) AND Banquet Room 2 (the room we had last year) are both available!!

Is this better for those who can’t do Labor Day?

If you’re serious about going and you have a preference, please speak now. I’ll make the final decision in one week (April 6th) and start the process of reserving and figuring out the costs. It’s going to be a tad higher than last year because I underestimated some of the admin costs, but it should be comparable.

Thanks for all of your feedback and advice!

p.s. *** What I would love to do at the end of this year’s retreat is have a group meeting to discuss other potential venues and the pros and cons of that particular location. Plus, with a year’s advance, we’ll most likely get a reservation when we want it. ULTIMATELY, I’d love to have a place that we return to year after year, because this whole research process is very time consuming and not terribly fun. :-( I’d rather focus on classes, activities and which movie I’m going to torture you with. :-)




Hallo Boys,

I feel it’s time to start planning the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat 2010!!!!

I’ve heard back from one space, but I’m waiting to hear back on pricing from two potential NEW spots for the MFKR 2010. Since Labor Day seemed to be an all-around great weekend last year, I’m going to suggest that we continue that fledgling tradition. Labor Day weekend is Friday, September 3rd through Sunday, September 5th.

I’ve already spoken with Judy at Dumas Bay Centre (last year’s site) and they are excited to have us back, if we chose to go there. The good news is that they have added better lights (pole lamps) in the room we were in AND they have availability. The sad news is that the Quilter’s have already booked that corner room (the one with the amazing natural light). The only other room is the HUGE 80 person room that I’m not sure anyone else saw but I doubt we can get that many registered attendees.

Two NEW sites that I’m researching/considering are:
Wildwood Conservation & Retreat Center
Harbin Hot Springs

The sticking point for both of these spots is how far away from a major airport they are. They are approximately 1.5 hours away from Oakland Int’l Airport and about 2 hours from SFO (barring any scary traffic). The other potential problem with Harbin is that they don’t offer catering per se. They do, however, have a restaurant, a big kitchen at our disposal and a green grocer/market onsite. This adds more cost to what will be a more expensive location, but OMG the place has a swimming pool, sauna, massage, water therapy, etc. etc.

What I’d love to know from folks is the following:

1. Are the additional amenities like pool/massage/hiking important to most folks?
2. How big a deal is that you’d need to have a rental car (or carpool) to get to the venue and back to airport?
3. Would the restaurant/market/kitchen option be viable if we were to go with Harbin?
4. Do you have any concerns that I’ve overlooked?

If I could get a show of “hands” from those of you interested and willing to commit, that will help me start negotiations with wherever we end up choosing. Please share this with anyone I’ve overlooked or that you think would like to join us.

Thanks, Gents!!!

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So I know this is important

So I know this is important to a few people who are able to attend, but it seems to always be the first thing on the page whenever I check the forum. Any particular reason it's pegged as the absolute highest priority on the whole board?

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If you set your entry to the

If you set your entry to the site to the "recent posts" page rather then the "home" page then it is no longer a stickie at the top of the list.

I think it's appropriate for it to be stickied on the home page.

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It's important , but because

It's important , but because you can't go you don't want it to be the first thing you see? How will anyone else know? The Fall Knitting Retreat is not full yet, so we they are still recruiting people to share in the fun. Personally until is full I believe it should be a priority. The Men East Coast KNitting Retreat is full, I was lucky To get in, there is sometimes a waiting list. SO there are few people that can actually go, because the Space is limited. I am sure that once the spaces are filled, the message will go away until next year. I am sorry if that is an inconvenience to anyone, but again if you let the message not be pinned to the top, it will get lost in the messages and we don't want that. I want to make sure everyone reads it. What I really find more anoying is the Spam FIltering and believe me I am putting up with it as best as I can lol! When you least expect it , the Retreat will be full and you won't see the message, but will see the pictures from the different retreats accross the USA and the WOrld. If you can't go, look for the opportunity to mnake one in your area, it may be a lot of fun!

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For those of you/us on the

For those of you/us on the east coast, there is a guy in Georgia that owns a campground, with cabins and common space. He is a knitter. He tried to arrange a men's knitting weekend last year, but it didn't happen. Maybe there would be more interest, especially for those men who can't travel to the west coast for a fiber weekend.

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Hey Red, Sorry you can't

Hey Red,

Sorry you can't make it over to the Left Coast to join us. I hope you are able to plan a retreat closer to home. I totally understand the need to budget and watch costs.

If you have questions or need more information about the Men's Knitting Retreats umbrella organization, please contact me or QueerJoe.

Take care and good luck,
Michael (WonderMike on Ravelry & MWK)

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I also wanted to point out

I also wanted to point out that this place is ADA Accessible for those of us who can't do stairs.

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Tell him to sign up here and

Tell him to sign up here and start chatting up the idea!

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Thanks, Everyone, for your

Thanks, Everyone, for your feedback. I'll keep you posted on the developments. :-)

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it's academic for me, though

it's academic for me, though i missed it last year and would love to join this year. however, i already have plans for memorial day weekend back east.

if i had my choice, i like point bonita, dumas sounds fine, i wouldn't want to have to figure out meals, i rent a car anyway in any place

all i know of love, is love is all there is

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Steve, it's Labor Day

Steve, it's Labor Day weekend in September, not Memorial Day weekend in May.

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I'd like to do Dumas

I'd like to do Dumas again.
I'm there to knit and hang. No need for a pool or spa and if Queer Joe comes again, the massages are taken care of.
If it's at Dumas, I'll drive. If it's some place else, I'll fly and drive.
Don't want to cook and I like it when we all get together as a group and eat.
I'd like to start on Friday and go through Monday.

I'll be there.


To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace.
~Milan Kundera

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I'd like to do Dumas

I'd like to do Dumas again.
I'm there to knit and hang. No need for a pool or spa and if Queer Joe comes again, the massages are taken care of.
If it's at Dumas, I'll drive. If it's some place else, I'll fly and drive.
Don't want to cook and I like it when we all get together as a group and eat.
I'd like to start on Friday and go through Monday.

I'll be there.


To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace.
~Milan Kundera

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Personally I liked Dumas and the Room we had was fantastic.

1. Amenities that I like is a bathroom and a private or semi private room.
2. Not a big deal if I need to car pool as long as I can get there by carpool or by a private service is fine with me, it gives me choices. I would walk , but so much yarn is hard to carry on my backpack lol!
3. Not really up for cooking, I go to have fun with knitting ,spinning and crocheting, and relax, have meals served , it could be a choice, if I bought prepared foods. Wildwood sounds more interesting than Harbin
4. Not that I can think of.

I will definitely be joining you no matter where we go, but if I had a choice I would say

1. Wildwood sounds like a nice place to explore, I visited the Website and is a very nice accessible choice.
2. Dumas was a nice place and I know how to get there lol.
3. I am never opposed to Point Bonita! lol!

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I like Point Bonita too!

I like Point Bonita too!