Cable Guy Done!!

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I'm pretty happy with it....

Details at:

I'd change the neck if I did it again (I don't like the double-chin look) and make the arms a bit shorter (I lengthened them and the body from the original pattern). But I can wear it and am happy. It's only the second adult sweater I've successfully completed (I've completed three... one was decidedly not successful!)

If you're interested in making the pattern, I put a few notes on the bottom of the post regarding the sizing/neck hole/etc.

Grace and Peace,


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Some very awesome knitting!

Some very awesome knitting! Love the crisp cable definition. Wow!

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nice job. re necks, i

nice job. re necks, i almost always find a way to leave it on needle for picking up neckband instead of casting off and then picking up

all i know of love, is love is all there is

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Very fine looking sweater.

Very fine looking sweater. It compliments you very well. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The sweater looks fantastic!

The sweater looks fantastic! Great job!

That's a really nice sweater

That's a really nice sweater Tim. The cables look great and it fits you really well. Great job.

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Great job, Tim! It looks

Great job, Tim! It looks superb on you. Nice work.

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It looks AWESOME Tim. I

It looks AWESOME Tim. I like the yarn choice and the color suits you well. Sorry I couldn't help with the pattern issues! I've put mine on hiatus and I'm just at the point at joining the sleeves to the body. I'll be hitting you up for advice when I get back to it.

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Very nice, Tim. I look

Very nice, Tim. I look forward to the day when I attempt cabling. Your work is inspiring.

Patrick :)

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Nicely done! I like collars

Nicely done! I like collars like that and the cables look great.

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Wow, that's really really

Wow, that's really really nice! It fits good and it looks good on you too!