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Has anyone here ever knit covers for throw pillows?  I'm thinking the silk yarn created from the recycled saris would look really wonderful covering a pillow form (or three or four) and thrown nonchallantly onto my sofa.

I would imagine it would be easy enough to come up with a pattern, but it would be helpful to hear if any Menwhoknit have done it...



I made some cool pillow

I made some cool pillow covers our of some bulky hemp yarn I had laying around. I used a basketweave/seed stich design -- it consisted of two knit -purl - knit rows followed by two rows of
purl - knit - purl. They came out looking great.

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I recommend bulky yarn in

I recommend bulky yarn in 100% wool in natural grey, black and white knitted on a large needle, maybe 9 mm.

Debbie Bliss has a pattern

Debbie Bliss has a pattern for a pillow cover which has cables on it, it was free on her website. We got a catalogue from Williams Sonoma Home & they are selling pillow covers & matching afghan. I think the pillow was $78. You could order a catalogue to see the design. 

Knit away, knit away

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Yes, the best is to knit up

Yes, the best is to knit up a small square and see what it is like.  Depending on how tight you knit it, you may find it works quite well, or not.

Yes, knitting your own covers for pillows is an excellent idea.  See James from NZ-- he did a couple.  And it is the perfect way to use up your odd bits in your stash.  Take all your similar colours, and just go for it!  Because they are small, you can be as wild as you like.  You can try out patterns -- like a large swatch.  They are fast to knit.  Do the back in a plain pattern, in contrast or complimentary colours and they will look terrific!
  And show us some pics!

Hmm, I don't know Jonathan.

Hmm, I don't know Jonathan. My limited experience is that the sari silk knitted up is not as silky smooth as I hoped. Yours is a great idea but I'm not sure that yo will get the final result that you desire. Knit up a swatch & see. 

Knit away, knit away