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I recently got an iPod, and subsequently discovered podcasts.  I've currently got KnitCast, Cast-on and It's a Purl, Man on my subscription list.  For those of you who listen to podcasts, and specifically knitting podcasts, which ones do you listen to?  Are there any specifically male ones (It's a Purl, Man is, I know).  And what is the feeling on getting together a community podcast?  Is there any interest in it (like different authors on the podcast, in a collaborative effort)?

This is where my mind goes.


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Hey Jeremy. Cast-On has a

Hey Jeremy. Cast-On has a list of knitty casts on the side bar. It has many podcasts that Martin already listed plus a few more.

I found

I found these!









Pixie Purls

Secret Knitting

The Fibre Cast

The Mosh Knit

Knitty D and the City

I've not listened to them yet just thought I'd share my findings. 

Knit away, knit away

Another thing to try, will

Another thing to try, will check it out. Thanks for the heads up on this. 

Knit away, knit away

This is interesting. I

This is interesting. I haven't listened to any knitting podcasts yet, tho I think I'll check out the ones you listed. Thanks for the info!