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Stitches West had a new vendor selling an amazing knitting pattern software called "Intwined Studio".
...this is their info about it...
""Intwined Pattern Studio is pattern design software designed to be easy to use, powerful, and flexible, at the same time that it's affordably priced. Here are just a few of the many features:

* Create an entire pattern and print it or save it to PDF directly from our software.
* 80+ stitches and 40+ cables available from the default Stitch Library. (Able to add stitches, and change icons).
* Type in your pattern and generate the chart on the fly, this can handle circular and flat knitting styles. ""

I've been playing with can create a chart, in colour or B&W...and it automatically creates the written instructions at the same time. If you change either the written instructions or chart, it automatically updates the other. It's SIMPLE to use, and very intuitive.
and most important...IT'S CHEAP!!!
the program costs $49.
I love it!

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Intwined Studio ravelry

Intwined Studio ravelry group.
...just discovered that there is an Intwined Studio ravelry group.

Brian answers tech questions there. Good place to go when we're stuck...

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Read the basic manual under

Read the basic manual under the "Help" button.
...the stuff the program does is amazing...and if you're the first to report a documented bug...the manual says the staff will send you a box of chocolates and a thank you card!!!
My kind of program!

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I got it too! At Stitches.

I got it too! At Stitches. ok how many of you were at stitches that I missed????

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I didn't see you

I didn't see you Kenny!
...although John told me you would be there...didn't see John either...
Wish you could make it to our Monday Night Knit group...

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For those of you who ordered

For those of you who ordered it.... How long did it take for your download instructions to arrive (was it automatic or does it seem to get sent out by a real person)? I ordered it sometime last night (I'm a bit uncertain of the time... I was awake to feed the baby....)

Grace and peace,

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I payed through PayPal and

I payed through PayPal and got notified immediately as well...even while they were at the trade show.

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check your spam folders,

check your spam folders, etc. I got mine within seconds.

Though I did do an instant transfer moneywise; if you put it on a credit card it might take a while to clear?

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Tim, the guys were at a big

the guys were at a big trade show this weekend...they might be in transit at the moment, so there could be a bit of a delay...but I got emails from Brian pretty you should hear soon...
I think a real person is doing it...

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Thanks for pointing this out

Thanks for pointing this out Bill...I just purchased it myself. I can't seem to get it to create a PDF yet, but I'm sure it'll work at one point :).

It really is quite easy to use, and I like that it allows you to "paint" stitches quite easily...I found it to be much nicer and easier than setting up an Excel spreadsheet to do something similar, and it also writes out the instructions. Very cool.

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I suspect that my charting

I suspect that my charting style is ecletic enough that I will continue to use Excel - though this software will help immensly in converting from charted to written.

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There is a basic manual

There is a basic manual under the "Help" button...which I was just told is being updated...and they'll let us know when it's posted.

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Joe - you tried it for any

Joe - you tried it for any lace yet?

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No...I just got it yesterday

No...I just got it yesterday and I just did minimal playing around. But it does seem to have a lot of symbols to choose from with the ability to add a new symbol with your own graphic (using any .gif, .jpg, etc. that you want), and also the ability to change existing symbols if you'd prefer it be something else.

So, I guess, even if it didn't do exactly what I needed, I could easily adapt it so it could.

I had gotten pretty used to doing all the work in Excel for my graphic pattern designs, but this would take me about half the time...even if I needed to create a special symbol.

It also has the ability to export and import symbol sets, so that if I added three new symbols, I could send them to you to import them into the software.

Quite cool so far...there are some videos on the site that allow you to see it in action a this page links to how to add a new symbol:

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Well Bill, you peaked my

Well Bill, you peaked my curiosity and I had to check it out. I watched the videos on the website which are great for learning how to use it, and then I took the plunge and bought it! It is pretty nice and very easy to figure out! I like how it charts and writes the pattern out, and I especially like to how add those elements to a document so that you can tweak it and publish. To play with it, I charted out a simple 2x2 rib knit pattern accross the bottom edge of the project and then a thick chunky cable up the center. The only thing that I think I would change about it would be for it to recognize repeat patterns such as the rib knit and write them out that way rather than k2, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2, etc. Easy enough to adjust in the written document though. Thanks for mentioning it Bill!

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I think it's a wonderful and

I think it's a wonderful and affordable program...I wrote to the guy who helped me install it, and told him about
(I had a problem with installation because I bought it at Stitches West, then had to go on line to register it.)