Spin Long and Prosper

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This is a Batt from Dersert Garden Farms that a friend gifted me. I am about 70% done or more to the point spinning long and prospering. After this I will be plying the yarn. I am trying to get as close to fingering weight as possible, we shall see what happens.
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One of the biggest helpos is the great drop spindle. It really spins nicely and is well balanced. I am sure I can spin the whole batt and wrap it on this little toy.
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There are differnet ways to draft, but I am usually drafting as I go, is a lot faster.
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One thing is for sure, once you are focused on doing this resistance is futile. Spin Long and Prosper.


mmm...fibre...what better

mmm...fibre...what better addiction can there be? Maybe I should not have asked that...

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Congrats, Andy. That is a

Congrats, Andy. That is a beautiful spindle. I used my Turkish delight at an open spinning night a few weeks ago and all the participants were amazed and envious. Especially when I showed them the center pull ball of yarn it creates. Other than that beauty, I have always had a fondness for top whorls. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I would love to learn to

I would love to learn to spin... all you spinners are so talented!

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Ditto - which is why I avoid

Ditto - which is why I avoid touching spindles or wheels, try not to touch pelts, fiber, batts, roving or rollags or even LOOK at them.

I do NOT need another fiber addiction.


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You do drop spindle

You do drop spindle spinning? I have tried this but very clumsy. Should try again. Love the spindle you show in the picture.