No I haven't

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No I haven't knitted these two scarf in the last couple of days, they have been mouldering in a cupboard until I blocked them.

Both Ishbel scarf by Ysolda Teague via Ravelry. The golden one is dyed by a local woman, Vintage Grrl, sadly she doesn't have the time to dye at present. It's a merino 80/nylon 20 sockyarn fingering weight. 101cm x 41cm
The lilac one is bamboo Naturally Atlante fingering/sport weight bought from a LYS now closed. 115cm x47cm. I used 4mm circs for both (not at the same time :)

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Damn, you look really good

Damn, you look really good in that! I love those, another pattern to add to my que.

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It's a great pattern Scott.

It's a great pattern Scott. Was your avatar pic taken on your wedding day? You both look great.

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Extremely nice. I have to

Extremely nice. I have to agree with QueerJoe that the lacy neckwrap is quite a nice trend. I should pioneer it for my area. Providing I ever get the time to knit to-do knitting list never gets shorter. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Just do it Joe, the pattern

Just do it Joe, the pattern is on Ravelry.

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Don't do Ravelry...I spend

Don't do Ravelry...I spend so much time here that I'm afraid to. I'd never get any knitting done. Thanks, though, for the inspiration; I have some really grand alpaca that just begs to be used for this type of scarf. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Kerry these are magnificent!

Kerry these are magnificent! Like Joe, I'm all over this new look.

If some sissy tried to kick my ass I would say, "Hey, Mary, go knit me a sweater before I slap you in the face!”
--Eric Cartman, South Park

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Thanks Mill. I'm in awe of

Thanks Mill. I'm in awe of the work you did in Haiti.

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Very nice...I'm loving this

Very nice...I'm loving this new lacy neck wrap for guys thing that seems to be all the rage.

I also love Vintage Grrl's yarn need to pressure her to get back to dying...that's just rich and beautiful.

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Thanks Joe, I really like

Thanks Joe, I really like that look too.
Unfortunately Vintage Grrl has discovered spinning so she says she doesn't have time for both. I should get her to look at your site to see that spinning needn't exclude other activities.

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Spinning and dyeing go

Spinning and dyeing go together like koalas and eucalyptus.

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What wonderful work. They

What wonderful work. They are truly beautiful and a what a great choice of colour.

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Thanks Ron.

Thanks Ron.

So beautiful, and the

So beautiful, and the colours are gorgeous.

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Both are gorgeous, Kerry-

Both are gorgeous, Kerry- I'm drooling!

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"drooling" not on my scarves

"drooling" not on my scarves please Albert ;)