here's the afghan i finish a couples weeks ago

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here's the afghan i finish a couples weeks ago

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It's great! Love the

It's great! Love the colors!

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Very grand knitting. The

Very grand knitting. The bands of color make each section look like an entirely new pattern; it's only when you see it close up that you realize it is all one design. I really like that. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Unless I am crazy, (always a

Unless I am crazy, (always a possibility) the design is my "Spanish Armada".

That means it is knit..

Looks like he just did equal bands of the colours.

Looks very good.

Nice job!

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What beautiful work. I love

What beautiful work. I love the design and colors, where did you get the pattern ? It has the look of a quilt, very stunning.

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Beautiful color work! I've

Beautiful color work! I've been wanting to start an afghan/blanket myself, recently, and yours inspires me to start =) Great job, hope you enjoy it!

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Wow, that is beautiful.

Wow, that is beautiful. Really nice job on it. You've every right to be very proud of it. It's really well done. Congratulations!

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IS it knit or crochet?

IS it knit or crochet?

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Very impressive. The design

Very impressive. The design is beautiful. I am interested, too, in where you found it.

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Very impressive! What is

Very impressive! What is the pattern called, and what yarns did you use?

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Wow!!! Was it as much fun to

Wow!!! Was it as much fun to knit as it looks? Great job.