Do Ya Wanna Be a Butcher or a Surgeon?

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Teaching again...though some say I've never stopped, especially with those non-compliant types who won't give up control...they eventually, inevitably, succumb.

For those more instructional types, I'm teaching a steeking class in Brooklyn on March 1st.



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Good luck with the class,

Good luck with the class, Mark. After your lessons, may all the butchers be transformed into surgeons. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Ha! Butcher

Ha! Butcher definitely

Went to a party last month wearing a butchers apron and black leather boots (that is all). The boyfriend stayed very close all night ;)


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Ah...what a happy thought!

Ah...what a happy thought!

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We do, indeed, need

We do, indeed, need pictures. For strictly educational purposes, mind you.

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Pictures! ...we need

...we need pictures!

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Go forth and spread the

Go forth and spread the word, Brother, allelu!