TOTALLY OT, But Some Might Find It Interesting...

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This really has nothing to do with knitting, with the possible exception that it's posted on my personal blog, which also deals with my knitting projects and thoughts... lol.

SO- as some may know, when I'm not creating hats, I'm creating characters. I'm studying Musical Theatre at Montclair State University, with my focus being on acting/character study as well as voice. Basically what that statement boils down to is that I'm a lousy dancer... learn how to market yourself, I say.

As part of my curriculum, I'm taking stage makeup, which is also a HUGE hobby of mine. I've always loved theatrical makeup, especially prosthetics and special effects makeup. So when my teacher told us we'd be starting by making masks, I immediately knew I'd have a lot of fun with this project. Our masks had to be based on either Ariel or Caliban from William Shakespeare's "The Tempest"... and I of course chose the hideous Caliban. Birds of a feather... (Kidding).

I've posted about the process so far on my blog, and I thought some of you might be interested to see some of the pictures/read about the process. Hope some of you will enjoy =)


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Yipes! He is one scary dude!

Yipes! He is one scary dude!

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Caliban is great! . Joe....

Caliban is great!
Joe.... as a mask maker from waaaay baack...(and a makeup artist)
a trick to sed up the drying...poke lots of holes in the pieces with a darning needle...this allows the air to get inside more quickly...and those little holes will be filled by the first coat of paint.

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So............... if you are

So............... if you are unionized makeup artist............ when you go on strike do you just "cover up" the "scabs"??????

Sorry, just couldn't resist,


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we don't even cross that

we don't even cross that line!
(and wow...did you cross the line!)

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Well Bill, everytime I turn

Well Bill, everytime I turn around you expose another hidden talent that I didn't know you possessed! I am so freakin' impressed. Jeez, I'd ask you what else lies under that mild mannered exterior, but you would be too modest to come right out and tell me.

Trust me, I'm gonna pick your brain till it's well harvested!


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Chris, it's very

Chris, it's very simple...I'm a retired Professor of Theatre Design, have taught maskmaking for thirty years...and I'm member of local 706 the Hollywood makeup union. I'm a makeup artist at San Francisco Opera ( where I knit) if you ever need a FAAABULOUS drag know who to call!

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Bill, that's a great idea! I

Bill, that's a great idea! I wish I'd known it would be so slow to dry... I finished all of the pieces yesterday around 7pm, and now they are all (finally) completely dry.

How cool, by the way, that you work in theatre design! I would love to hear some of your makeup stories =)

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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He's definitely got 'em.

He's definitely got 'em. Come out to San Francisco some Monday night.

That's awesome! what a

That's awesome! what a talent.