Fisherman's Wool

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I'm looking to do a fisherman's sweater of some sort, perhaps a traditional gansey if I get ambitious enough, but maybe just a plain sweater to start. I've been looking into fisherman's wool by Lion. I like the idea, but somebody recently told me that they've changed the manufacturing process and it's not as good as it used to be. Anyone have experience with this stuff, especially lately?

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Well, my copy of "Sweaters

Well, my copy of "Sweaters for Men" by Alice Starmore has now arrived in the mail, and looks fascinating. Definitely ties in to my Scottish heritage. (Yes, I know I said Irish earlier, I'm kind of pan-Celtic.)

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I've just been reading about

I've just been reading about yarn production and the article mentioned that Aran sweaters were often made with yarn that had more lanolin left in it by the manufacturing process, which made it more weather resistant. Since the criticism of the newer formulation of Fisherman's Wool was that it was not as weather resistant, I wonder if this is related.

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The criticism of the more

The criticism of the more recent Fisherman's Wool was from a person who had made ganseys with it before, and found them very weather resistant, but did not find the same with more recent purchases. Apparently, the company was bought out, and this person thought the new owners had changed things.

I did just buy a copy of "Sweaters for Men" so perhaps I can get some inspiration from there.

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I've been knitting with

I've been knitting with Lion's Fisherman's wool recently. I bought enough of the natural brown to knit up MathewGnagy's "Carlito Cardigan". I just did a repair with some of the natural white. It does tend to split a little, but I quite like it: I think it's an excellent value. You do run into a few guard hairs on the darker colours, I find, but you just pluck them out as you go. I'm looking forward to having a sweater in it.

As far as ganseys go. There is a nice simple one in Alice Starmore's Sweater Book for Men (perhaps her only book that doesn't cost a fortune and can be found used for under $20 online).

I'd also recommend "Knitting Ganseys" by Beth Brown-Reinsel.

Good luck.

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I agree with Albert. My

I agree with Albert. My sister and her friends have tried Fisherman's wool and not one of them liked it. If Bartlett doesn't have what you want you want you could try Briggs and Little.

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Michael, I haven't used the

Michael, I haven't used the Lion Brand, but for fisherman's yarn you might want to check out

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Yes, indeedie!!! One of the

Yes, indeedie!!!

One of the best!