Long time since i have posted a blog on here..

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hey guys,
how have everyone been? i been doing fine, just been busy with school and working on couple of patterns, and spinning some also. I'm now a EMT-Basic.... I'm going to get my medic in August of this year... over my christmas break i finish a crocheted afghan and i finish MMario Spanish Amrada pattern also. the crocheted afghan are pink, white, and light purple.... I will post some pictures on here when i get a chance too.. for MMario pattern i was trying to use up all of my old stash of yarn but which i didn't. I really loved making the patterns b/c it is really beautiful.. i'm going to post some pictures on here of it also but haven't had time to load them up to a dis yet.

on saturday night i bidded for on some handcarders and won... they are brand new and i can't wait until i get them.. i should have them by the end of the week and omg god i can't wait to play with them...

august of last year i won a spinning wheel on ebay... omg it love this wheel.. at first it was kinda hard to spin on a single thread wheel.... but i got use to it and now i'm huns i'm in a gay man heaven with my new wheel...


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Nice to hear from you again,

Nice to hear from you again, Jerome! And congrats on your EMT training. Can't wait to see your latest projects...

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Good to hear from you. You

Good to hear from you. You have been busy. Would love to see pictures when you have time.

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That's the place to be-

That's the place to be- enjoy!