Handturned circular needles

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the pictures of my handturned wooden circular needles seem to have disappeared from the site, so I'm posting them again. One set is rosewood, the other kingwood (similar to mesquite).
The cables are vinyl, like aquarium tubing, with commercial brass fittings that were turned on the lathe to match the wood. Just before I glued the cables into the fittings, I had an inspiration...and inserted some Swarovski crystals. One can never have too much glitz in one's life!

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Those are Beautiful!!!!!

Those are Beautiful!!!!! Would Love to have a pair of them!!!!!!

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These are beautiful! Love

These are beautiful! Love the added glitz, very impressive.

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Bill’s circulars are truly

Bill’s circulars are truly awesome. I saw them “live” last night at our Monday night knitting group. Beyond the precision workmanship and the beauty of the wood and the great look of the circulars as a whole is the size of the needles themselves. It’s clear that they were made by men for a man to use. I would love to find something like that commercially available. If anyone knows where you can get even a 6 inch needle, I’d love to hear about it.

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Very cool, I wish I had a

Very cool, I wish I had a lathe. How do they knit?

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they knit beautifully! I

they knit beautifully! I particularly wanted large needles with a large cable. I usually knit scarves with five or six strands of yarn...and commercial circulars have such an extreme jump between the small cable and the tapered large needle. Also. the needle itself is longer than commercial needles...so I have more to hold onto.

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Extremely nice, Bill. My

Extremely nice, Bill. My twin has all the lathe skills. He took machine shop...I preferred to knit. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Joe, put your twin to

Joe, put your twin to work!
...that's what brothers are for...LOL
he can make you some tools for knitting and spinning..and you can knit for him...

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Good thought, Bill. I may

Good thought, Bill. I may have to approach him with the idea. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful needles Bill, what

Beautiful needles Bill, what a talented man.

Those are absolutely

Those are absolutely fabulous. I am green with envy.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
They look fantastic and the plastic tubing is a wonderful idea.

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A big PS Bill..............

A big PS Bill.............. is it my imagination or is the cable hollow and that it seems as though something is floating around in it. Or is it just the lighting or the picture? Or have I merely just over bourbonized myself this evening. Trust me, that is not impossible!!!!

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The cable is hollow vinyl

The cable is hollow vinyl tubing. That's where, at the last minute...I dropped in some Swarovski crystals...mostly clear, but a few red ones... they roll around and sparkle a I knit.

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Bill, they are

Bill, they are fanatastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just how did you handle the transition between the cable and the needle? They look pretty smooth and honestly are great looking.

Geez, you have a lot more talent than I could ever hope to achieve.

Keep it going buddy,


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the transition piece is a

the transition piece is a commercial brass fitting made to fit the vinyl tube. It originally was a hex nut shape, but I turned it smooth to match the size of the wood. All done on my twin brother's lathe.

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The rosewood needles are

The rosewood needles are beautiful! Such nice colors, and I'm sure they're heaven to hold...

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Those are really beautiful,

Those are really beautiful, and must be a pleasure to use!! You are so multi-talented!!

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I agree . . . there is never

I agree . . . there is never too much glitz.