Flapper hat

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No - not flap hat - flapper - think 1920's. I designed this for my wife but she hasn't been around when I had the camera out so my dog (Maggie) modeled it. It looks MUCH better on my wife!

It's a simple stockinette stitch. I did a 1x1 rib stitch for the band and then picked up the stitches along the band to do the hat. All 3 of us (dog included) thought it turned out pretty cool.

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Nice hat. And the tension

Nice hat. And the tension doesn't look so bad after all. Lovely shade of red. I hope your wife enjoys it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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She's adore-able! She

She's adore-able! She almost looks like she's enjoying the face time, too.

My Great-Grandmother was a flapper in Toronto; her hair was bobbed and she wore the hats and all. I can remember visiting her when I was growing up and seeing pictures and all sorts of huge gaudy costume jewelry and long strings of pearls that wrapped and wrapped around (faux of course). I could go on...

I really like that hat. It reminds me of someone very special.

Thank you so much for sharing.


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Love the hat! Crazy about

Love the hat! Crazy about the dog! What a great model she is.

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Looks pretty dang good on

Looks pretty dang good on Maggie...your wife is lucky!

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Wonderful hat! Maggie is a

Wonderful hat!
Maggie is a very good sport...

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I bet if you walk Maggie

I bet if you walk Maggie with her wearing this hat, you will spend the rest of the year fulfilling orders!

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Oh... my... god that dog is

Oh... my... god that dog is adorable! You should probably knit your wife a new hat and let Maggie have that one. That is such a cute picture...

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"Fetching" - good one!

"Fetching" - good one!