Trash can cover/statue cowl

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Actually it's the Wisps of Smoke Ring. I made it as a cowl for my daughter but had nothing here to pose it on.'s a cover for a trash can, or a cowl for a bust (my daughter was in a sculpture class...)

The pattern was from Jackie E-S Desigtn Collections. I knit it on a US #7 size needle using "Nuna" yarn - 40% merino wool, 40% silk, and 20% bamboo - ultra soft and warm - it took approx. 296 yards!

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Quite a nice project, Rick.

Quite a nice project, Rick. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looks terrific Rick! I've

Looks terrific Rick! I've done that trick before on rev SS. I'm with you on the speed thing. I have to say, your cutest model is the last one!


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Well done, it looks really

Well done, it looks really cozy!

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I love the cowl! Color and

I love the cowl! Color and all is a success in my book. Great job =)

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Awsome, I'm going to look

Awsome, I'm going to look for the pattern. This could be a very popular item at the craft fairs

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FYI even with just knitting

FYI even with just knitting the "head section" once it is quite ample so you might want to not knit that section at all.

Also, it is knit in reverse stockinette. So, if I were to do it again I would do it in stockinette (switch the purls to knits and vice versa) and simply turn it inside out. It looks great on either side so it is truly reversible so why not knit it faster??