Wool from Red Heart!

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Interesting new yarns from Red Heart...weren't we just talking about the fact that they used to make woolen yarns?


a friend is going to try to find some at Joanne's tomorrow...they have it on sale for $3.49 a ball, rather than $4.99.

I checked the colours, and some are rather nice...

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That is great news! I look

That is great news! I look forward to them being good quality and affordable. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Right now I'm using Drops

Right now I'm using Drops Eskimo by Garnstudio. VERY soft wool, and knits quick on bigger-sized needles. I was actually going to try to substitute the Lion Brand wool for the Eskimo, but it was just too small to meet the gauge I needed =/ The Eskimo was still a little expensive (usually $3.70/skein, now on sale for $3.50), but compared to other wool yarns really not too bad.

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Hmmm - will be interesting

Hmmm - will be interesting to look at. At that price range I'm a huge fan of Paton's Classic. I've tried another 100% wool in that price range called Ella Rae (I think that's the name) from Poland and couldn't stand the feel of it. Next time I'm near the Joann's store I'll have to go in an feel it up!

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Yarn masher!

Yarn masher!

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Oooo! Time to check out

Oooo! Time to check out Hobby Lobby. I don't know if this is new or not but Lion's Brand has a 100% wool yarn now.

465 yds for only 10.00. The color choice is limited to naturals but that's OK by me.

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Red Heart was the yarn I

Red Heart was the yarn I started knitting with in the 40's, they were the major yarn source. Then over the years they went to synthetics and really bad yarns. All that could be said for them was that they were cheap. It will be nice to see them make a comeback. I will check out the sight, thanks for the info.

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Looks promising!

Looks promising!