Krista doily/tablecloth/shawlette

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My mother lives in south TX and really can't wear anything I can knit so she asked me to knit a tablecloth for her. I found this Danish pattern named "Krista" and knit it on size US #2 needles with 5/2 mercerized cotton (all of about 425 yards). My sister's name is Krista and since neither of us live close to Mom she can have us both at her table all the time.

The finished size is 30" which is the size she requested because the table is a drop-leaf style and since there's just her & Dad they don't open it much. It could have easily been blocked to 40" and probably 45" or so.

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Looks great! LIke the

Looks great! LIke the flower motif.....

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Thanks to your MmarioKKnits

Thanks to your MmarioKKnits group for the pattern translation!

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Absolutely beautiful. I

Absolutely beautiful. I love the pattern. Great job.

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Lovely. Great job, Rick.

Lovely. Great job, Rick.

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Gorgeous work! I'm sure

Gorgeous work! I'm sure she'll love it =)

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That's a very lovely

That's a very lovely pattern, Rick. I hope your Mom enjoys it very much and often. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.