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Knitting Collision - D

Torso Color Work Complete

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simple prayer shawl

Wisdom seems to come with age and experience. In the process of losing my wife to cancer, I came to realize that prayer shawls were an answer to not knowing that to do when someone is in treatment, going through a difficult life-altering situation, or in need of comfort. To honor Kay, I have been knitting prayer shawls for 8 years and this is #131.

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Knitting Collision - C

Good Evening,

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"Hollywood Knits" Two More

These were a bit easier to do than Kate Hepburn. Jean Harlow and Humphrey Bogart.

Trying to decide who's next:

Have worked up graphs on Spencer Tracy, Myrna Loy, Ava Gardner, and Clark Gable. Any suggestions?

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I just have to give a plug for Woolly Wormhead's new book of patterns. She published this collection as a fund raiser to help save her community of Mutonia - which I know little about other than to say it seems to be a gypsy-like group of unconventional artists and the like whose lifestyle is being threatened by developers in Italy.

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the quarter stitch - New Orleans

Afternoon all,

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Every knitter has experienced it. The beginner swears that every yarn is possessed by its evil. Lace knitters consider it to be a state of being. Spinners come across its hateful spite when trying out new yarns or fibers. It is resistentialism, a word that has sadly fallen from our lexicon.

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Attachment didn't come through on post?

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I decided to give it another go. I figured out Judy's magic cast on...thanks YouTube! This is toe up basics on circulars. It's a first for me!

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Free Online Crafty Class

Has anyone from the retreat tried to take advantage of the free pass for an online course at Craftsy? I went to the URL and then chose the Steven West shawl class and it takes me to the checkout where a credit card is required. I logged in correctly. Any suggestions?



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