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Completed Norah Gaughan Niche

Finished my first cuff to cuff project for my grandmother. Not that difficult and a great project that I didn't have to pay much attention.

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Finished the 17th Century Undershirt

I love the look of this shirt and was instantly attracted to it when I saw it in the Knitting Tradition magazine. I wanted to make it bigger then the pattern...Well I succeed in that. I made it to big for me which of course delighted my partner. It's to big for him but looks "comfy" instead of ridiculous. He doesn't care as long as he gets to something I made.

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Another News Story re the knitting Ryan Gosling

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Finished some Baby Item

My sister had a baby boy on Jan 9th 3:29am 8.0lbs 21.5. I had just put down my knitting needles on the Hemlock Baby Blanket and she sent me the txt w/ a picture of Maxfield. The Football baby sack is was an easy and just adorable project.

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Knitted Necklace

My first jewelry and bead project. I used Lion Brand steel/wool and glass beads from the local bead store in VT. I also picked up Toho Shoji magnetic clasp and metal rings. I love this project so much I went to Habu Textiles and bought three more yarn choices and some semi-precious beads, etc (in NYC). The LYS in VT loved it so much they want me to teach a knitting w/ beads class.

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Sister's Pregnant I get to try Baby Clothes

My sister is due on Jan 14,'s a boy. I'm not accustomed to knitting for babies. Any ideas?

I was thinking starter kit:


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$4.00 Clearance Sale

The LYS store (The Knitting Studio Montpelier, VT) had all their clearance yarn on sale for $4.00......ALL YARN $4.00!!! Still thinking I should of bought more. Still have a few more days to decide if I want/need any more items. Not sure what else will be left.

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Cable Knit Wrap & Hat

I finished (almost) a wrap and hat for my grandmother. She says shawls are for old ladies so I have to call it a wrap...which it is so it's all good. I'm in love w/ this yarn Filatura Lanarota Alpaca Cloud. I bought a bag of ten for $30 at Smiley's Manhattan Sale.

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I am soooooo clever :)

Macy's had their President sale this past weekend and I needed a queen comforter for the guest bedroom. Instead of throwing out the "bag" I consolidated my left over and current stash of yarns. Instead of having them in shopping bags hidden underneath the day bed. Now I did purchase an antique cabinet w glass doors which was salvaged out of an old church.

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