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So, who wants to help me build an empire and prove shitty people wrong?

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The End of the Teddy?

It looks, as sad as the option is, as if I might have to close up shop on the teddy bears.

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An Open Letter to Oprah...

Unfortunately, I was never blessed with the opportunity to watch your television show throughout the last 25 years, for one reason or another.

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Had difficulty sleeping last night. Grabbed Mario and went to our little bed, tossing the covers to the side because it was awfully hot.

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SO, thanks to you fellas, I'm pretty damned close to selling my fiftieth bear on Etsy! Yee ha!!! That to me is quite a cute little milestone.

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Knit Like A Man, Dammit!

Well, the bad news is, for those of you that have followed my story, is that I lost the farm out in the middle of nowhere.

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Worked Up

Sitting here, the second day of a dismal grey mess in the sky, a week now since a disastrous break up working up a pair of socks for a partner I no longer have.

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The Field Mouse

As I've mentioned before, my knits are a reflection of a rural life in solitude.

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They Suck

Was just informed by my partner on facebook, not face to face, but on facebook that our relationship was done.

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When I put the needles down...

When I'm not working up something in yarn, I write gothic fiction. For those of who have asked to see me in motion, or wanted to know what this voice of mine is like, you know have the opportunity.

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