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Martha Stewart Show!

Happen to be watching Martha this morning. My sad little teddy bears were featured at the start of the show. I'm.....WOAH! I can't believe it!!!!
More to come! I need a beer!!!!

Gregory Patrick's picture Mentioned On Lionbrand!

So, here is the push I've been waiting for. And I really do so much of my getting out of the woods, off the streets and into life with the support of you guys.

Or you can just go to and I think I'm the second story down by now.


Go team!

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Thanks, fellas.

So, thanks to most of you, I was able to pay of the bill owed to Etsy and reopen my shop. Lionbrand sent me an email saying that the promotion about me will be tomarrow. Yep. 1 Novemeber. Looking forward to it. On my blog, I put up a photo of the box of Fisherman's wool they sent me:

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This is a post on my blog, I thought I would post here.

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Lionbrand yarn donated enough Fisherman's Wool for me to make 50 bears today. They took notice of me, and my little bears. In about 2 weeks they'll be promoting me on their website. My little knit teddy bears are going places....I'm happy to be along for the ride. :)

...all the lionhearted courage is beginning to pay off. From entrepreneur.

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The Coytown Panda

I live in the most interesting neighborhood of Orlando. Coytown, just north of downtown is a vibrant, young, energetic, and artistic few blocks of old concrete ranch style homes from the 70's. But, the coolest thing about Coytown is its Asian population. The community of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese is so vibrant and strong that even Publix has signs out front written in Vietnamese.

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Had to share this pic

It really does say so much about who I am and the things that matter to me. The beat up wooden chair I knit in, my knit teddy bears, my boots in the corner, crazy Mario in the window....and sunlight.

As bad as things are, you won't see the light if you don't look up. :)

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The Mischievous Little Brown Bear

So, when you think of Florida, you probably think of gators, flamingos, mosquitoes.... But, there's actually a huge brown bear population here that people forget about. It's actually quite funny. You see, people will come home from work to find the little brown bears splashing in their pools, playfully lurking behind their garages, or dangling from their trees eager for attention.

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The Bear A Thon

(This is a repost from my blog. If you've already read it, my apologies! But, I am kicking everything up a notch and spreading the word the best I can). OH! I hope you fellas have a wonderful time at the retreat. I REALLY wish I could have joined you!!!!

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From Scratch to Claw

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