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yarn bowl contest update and another idea...

I love Phil's idea - running in a MWK tshirt - I could do that... if you boys want to help me raise enough to cover it...

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want a polished aluminum cast yarn bowl?

I have ONE as a prize for a raffle that's explained on my blog:

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Cast Aluminum Yarn Bowls

I just posted on my etsy site the first set of my cast aluminum yarn bowls - they're offered in 4 colors this time...

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Men's Knitting Excursion to Peru - interested?

Hey everyone-

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FO: Technicolor

Completed in 13 days (August 16-29, 2009) - using a basic top-down raglan knitting pattern and adding a technique of alternating 2 yarns every 2 rows, I created this sweater using 12 different skeins

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OT - the decision to run

I know it's a bit off topic, but I wanted to share with you - last night, I signed up with the National AID Marathon Training Program to begin training to run in the Los Angeles Marathon this coming M

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Scrappy Doo Sweater completed -

somehow I was able to finish this entire sweater in 9 days - I am a bit amazed that I got it completed so quickly!

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Check out the website

it's a site based on Matthew Modine's efforts to help save the alpacas cared for by a tribe in Ecuador -

ok, ok... it's not real

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Scrap Top Down Raglan

After finishing my pinwheel blanket, I had (have) so much yarn left over in this color family that was already hacked and used that I can't do much else with it but freeform or random striped knitting

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Pinwheel Blanket Finished!

A friend showed me a baby blanket she made for her new daughter - I instantly fell in love with this pattern and after her convincing me how easy it was (it IS easy!) I decided to take a collection of

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