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Yarn Bombing in Istanbul

Found an interesting article in today's newspaper; it deals with the local take on yarn bombing as well as local attitudes toward men knitting. Translation below the article.

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A F.O. with a below-the-belt name...

I've been a bit scattered with my knitting lately...a couple pairs of socks on the needles, a lace shawl that was going great till something got ripped out by accident and I haven't had the courage to wither tink back several rows or try and reconstruct it. And I'm 1/4 of the way into a Spectra scarf, thanks to someone who shared it here. :)

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Miracle of Miracles - 2 FOs!

I haven't been doing lots of knitting just lately; the weather has grown beautiful, there's a lot of work, a garden screaming for my attention, and I'm also forcing myself to get out there and date. Which has been mostly nice. :)

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Just for a larf. :)

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What's with the shout box?

Every time I try to enter anything I get a "validation error." Earlier I'd log out and back when that happened but now that doesn't work either. Any clues?

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It Just Goes to Show.....

Not sure exactly what. But I'm sure it just goes to show something.
Sometimes things are just so scary that you have to buy them.

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Silly Knits

There are some projects that are just silly, and tell the world that to us, the process of knitting is sometimes more important than actual practicality. In that vein, I present the Netbook Cozy. :)

It does look cozy though, don't it?

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"Lite Brite" Scarf

What to do with that Kureyon that didn't stripe nicely? Make a Lite Brite scarf!

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A little catching up

I have a habit of starting new projects when I stll have others on the needles. Then later (just like letting a room get messy and doing a massive cleanup) I feel the need to finish things. The first on the list was the socks I started this spring and sort of forgot about. Since I had yarn leftover from my sweater fiasco, I decided to make the toes from it.

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Completely Unrelated to Knitting (but laughing is healthy!)

Extra explanatory notes for language geeks.

1) Turkish is one of those languages that not lots of foreigners really try to learn. Result: Turks don't often get to see their language mangled in big, official places (a la "Ingrish") like we do. Yet the general perception is that "English is easy," and if you have gotten your Level 3 whatever, you now know English.

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