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Spring has sprung

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Simple - but a little different. . .

inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld - here is BS Johnson's "Shawl for Mumsie" aka the 'Boomerang Shawl'

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It's the little things...

boy - colour me "dumb".

a four stitch repeat. four stitches. and I graphed it wrong.

Then didn't catch it when I proofed the file.

dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

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Internet communities

Sometimes I don't understand the whole internet "thing" - which is a little odd as I belong to several very strong "communities" on the web; one, over 12 years old - has a very strong 3-D presence as

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Inspiration strikes in the oddest places
floor tile.
Now a shawl.
Why is it the brain never functions except when I don't *want* it too?

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Hap Some Madiera, M'Dear

This is a project I knit back in June of '06. I finally got around to writing it up; with the changes to prevent the pouching of the center that I had in the original version.

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Second attempt

This is my second go-round on 'VKandis Sunlord' Shawl. This is up to row 67 - the first round of "rays" is done, the seoncd is almost closed and the third has started.

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When prototypes fail. . .

sometimes you still manage to get something useful out of it.

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REVAMP - tweety pi redux

a while ago I knocked off a pattern I named "tweety Pi" because it was a bad pun.

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There just isn't enough *TIME*

I currenlty have 5 6 designs underway, either partially written up or needing to be written up from sketchy notes

A'Tuin, VKandis,Commando, Black diamond, Damascus and Charybdis

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