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new (to me) books!

It's been a good week; I've received two cable books (Cables untangled and Continuos cables) and a lace book (Knitted Lace of Extonia) and the brain cells are churning.

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The test knitter for one of my patterns didn't catch any errors - but her photo din't look quite what I envisioned.

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A fall Shawl pattern

my first test knitter is past row 60 on this; but we've both been double checking the later charts - and we believe it error free at this point.


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Sea Socks 'o9 East

Not so long ago in a galaxy that's nearer then you may think I signed up for a cruise. It had all the earmarks I'd been looking for in a cruise.

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Benden weyrhold shawl

on of the ladies over at my yahoo group has finished this - so I'm gonna post the pattern.

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blatent ad:

see this file for more details

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Two new patterns

yesterdeay I was frustrated - couldn't knit - but had designs rumbling around in my head like bumpercars; so now have two new shawl patterns to post.

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triangles - tip up versus top down

The basic triangle is worked from the tip up to the neckline. Increasing two stitches every other row. See the top half of the diagram.

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Rhinebeck ; to go or not to go

I've been tempted for years - but have always had schedule conflicts. This year however.......

so talk me into it. What can I expect besides spending more money then I should?

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Nothing to be seen here

just move along, please. No loitering.

A silly pattern; based on a photo someone sent be via e-mail one day.

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