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Male knitter in fiction

When looking for "pleasure reading" I often turn to the young adults fiction.

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Some people just have to suggest designs.....

title of the post about says it all.

attached file

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Site Alert!

Purlescence has a whole series of patterns based on stories and fairy tales.....

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Photo - finally

Finally got a picture - not the best = of my "chambered Nautilus" shawl.

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Online Stitchionary

Not sure how many people are aware of

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So - I'm driving to w*rk...

and trying to balance the factt that I am running late with the fact that despite the heater running full blast, every time I start to put on speed the windshield starts to ice over....

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Playing catchup....

One of my young actor friends has outgrown the scarf I knit him when he was Tiny Tim - so I've knit him a new scarf; using some 2/9 shetland from WEBS.

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May I borrrow a FUNCTIONAL brain cell?

So I am searching and searching and searching for the lyrics to a Christmas Carol I want to refresh my memory on, and nothing comes up, no matter what combination I try for the search.

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Snowflake Peacock

Have I mentioned lately that I love it when knitters make me look good?

An absolutely fantastic and brilliant knitter (who also knits at the speed of light!) just finished this:

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"Spoon" Chrysanthenum Shawl/Laprobe

One of the show forms of Mums is called "spoon" the petals are tubular for most of their length, flaring out at the ends. Officially, this is what the shawl is suppossed to represent.

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