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What do you do with leftover acrylic?

(6/3/09 - file updated with corrections to)

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What do you do with leftover acrylic?

You can knit a shawl.

This is the "steeples" lace pattern - in an offset (first 4 repeats) and regular variation; done as a double down shawl.

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An open letter to Jason


Words are so inadaquate at times like these. But words are frequently all we have to express ourselves.

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Baker's Dozen

of squares to ship offf. I've yarn left for a few more - but figure if I wait I may not get them in the mail. (I'm notoriously a procrastinator)

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the brain cells keep on churning....

somewhere. They aren't resident in my skull, I can tell you that; but somewhere the brain cells are working.

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(insert audio clip of maniacal laughter)

Shall I just say I have led another trusting soul into the truly dark side of knitting; DESIGNING lace items!

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For Pi-Day

Which is tomorrow, 3/14

Many of My designs tend to start off with every intention of being Pi Shawls but then veer off on strange tangants.

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No willpower at all.

HI! I'm MMario.

I'm addicted to creating shawl patterns.

I'm blaming this one on Steve Lyle.


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Another new pattern....

What can I say - they just keep crowding the space between my ears.

I've signed up for a lace exchange and am hoping to knit up the center of this as a square doily for the exchange.

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Running behind, as usual.....

I designed this back in December - though of course I haven't even cast on yet.

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