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mskr in progress

until MSKR.

Update 5/13 in seperate post


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Intwined Studio

I could have sworn we had a thread going on this software; but I can't find anything except Teej's cosy pattern....

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grumble/whinge/rant/grumble; mutter, mutter, mutter

For about 15 months I've had a download available on a "certain site". It showed in my "store"; it showed in my designs; it showed in my projects. Lots of ways to find it.

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OT: "lost" family recipe

The grandmother made this strawberry torte; quite possibly of german origin,

bottom layer a cookie-caky-crusty - sweet; thin....

a cheesecake-ish layer

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Variations on a theme

I took a wee basic lace pattern and played with it a bit....

it ended up as fifty patterns; 10 variations; each in 5 shapes.

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2010 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat - workshop ideas?

If I were to do a lace workshop at the MSKR what would people like to see included?

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To think I knew her when....

a friend of mine was on ELLEN today....

She handled herself very well and Ellen's reaction was priceless!

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WHat to do when you have a gazillion or more things you should be doing? Do something else entirely, of course!

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I must have been nutzoid....

to decide to host a Mystery Knit-a-long.

Almost 700 signed up for it

Just posted the third clue.

And I am really nervous becuase I have no idea if anyone will actually like the design.

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Two for the holidays...

Atttached are the files for the two latest designs I've put up over at MMarioKKnits. Neither has been test knit yet....both are circular.


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