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Helga - #2 in a series

I've started "Helga" the second in a four part series of shawls I'm designing with Harry Potter/Hogwarts as inspiration. The first shawl "Godric" and what I've written up on "Helga" are over here

This one is simple, Faroese in style, and mainly designed to be nearly mindless knitting to give me a change from other knitting I am doing. Just enough design in it to keep it from being totally boring. I'm looking forward to the titillating anticipation as the rows go from almost 400 stitches down to 23 stitches.

By that time I may have figured out how to finish the neck band....

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Saxon braid

Second cable attempt - a bit more ambitious then the Irish hiking scarf.

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Progressive Shawl - Mark III

It's all Baxternits fault. At least that's who I'm gonna blame.

First I knit the Progressive Shawl - design by Cynthia of Baxterknits. Then, because she said I could, I knit the Progressive Square.

and now - if that weren't enough - I am in the throes of knitting the Progressive as a circular! 13 rows to go before I start the edge.

And you know what is worse? she's got at least two other projects in the works.

ADDENDUM: 1/26 - only 1200 (as of 1:50 -eastern) 800 stitches to go before starting the edge...

and again: really bad photo attached - 1/4 of circle still to cast off/edge.

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Progressive as a square:

Cynthia @ Baxterknits gave me permission to adapt her 'Progressive' shawl as a square -- and here is the results. (see attached photos) - the colour is more true in the one you can't really see the patterning, and it is much more square then it appears in the photo where you CAN see the pattern - between the angle, the camera, my eyesight -- quality photos 'R' not us.

Red Heart 'Soft Baby' in a pale yellow - so pale as to be almost cream. Done on a size 10.5 (US) needle. It took about 12 ounces -- the soft baby comes in 7 0z skeins, so less then two skeins.

addendum - started the circular version over the weekend - it's currently 224 stitches around - 58 rows.

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The shape of shawls to come...

This is a duplicate of a project I was working on on another forum. I have added some items and changed some others - so it isn't just copy and paste.

I thought I'd I'd put down somewhere all the different "standard" shapes that shawls/wraps seem to come in, and some notes on how to get that shape - This is not including ponchos. I've also (for the most part) excluded consturction methods that involve piecing.

  • 1) circular

  • 1a) gradual increase

  • 1b) puncuated equilibrium ( I'll explain later)
  • 1c) Pi
  • 1d) wedges
  • 1e) Circumfrence inwards
  • 2) Square
    • 2a) edge to edge

  • 2b) corner to corner
  • 2c) in the "round"
  • 2d) mitered
  • 2e) Perimeter INWARDS
  • 2f) Triangular - pieced construction
  • 2g) Log Cabin Construction
  • 3) Variations on a circle:
    • 3a) open

  • 3b) super-circular
  • 3c) semi-circular
  • 3d) PR2 - type
  • 4) Stole (rectangular)
    • 4a) worked lengthwise

    • 4a-1) edge to edge
    • 4a-2) on the bias

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    latest finished objects

    attached photos of the Irish Hiking Scarf - finished; as I said before it was suppossed to be a Christmas 2005 gift; the second item is a a jo sharp mohair 'Indulgence' and KidSilk Haze scarf - which was suppossed to be another 2005 Christmas present. The mohair one doesn't have to be shipped though - the recipent took it about 30 seconds after I took the photo.

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    Insane Knitting - 2007

    while most of my friends are already quite willing to tell you I am insane - I'm afraid this project will prove them right.

    I've cast on for Eunny Jang's Bayerische Socks - done toe-up as kilt hose.

    Wish me luck! I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

    In addition to the twisted rib, cables, etc, I'm converting the pattern to toe-up, converting it to kilt hose, and changing the size.

    AND - (and this may be the worst part) if I am successful - the intent is to wear the hose with a kilt. I scored enough black watch tartan in an auction last fall to make a great kilt.

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    OT - silly stuff

    We share the house with a 5 foot bear - 'Blackie' is handy to have around as he does like to model knitted items - however, he tends to lounge around the house in a kimono (He's home all day - the least he could do is clean up a little or occasionally have dinner ready)

    and he also insists on his constitutional right to arm bears.

    see attached photo.

    (sorry for the duplicates)

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    Opinions wanted

    "Cables Untangled: An Exploration of Cable Knitting "
    by Melissa Leapman

    anyone own it? Seen it? used it?


    I'm looking for a "cable library" and this came up in a search -

    any reccomendations?

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    Komodo - the dragon bag

    I've mentioned my dragon shaped knitting bag in a couple posts - so have attached a photo of him. He has a large zippered pocket in his back (currently holding two skeins of knitpicks superwash "bare" yarn in fingering weight) and a zippered pocket in each haunch. I wish they had included another in his tail, but he can swallow an incredible amount of stuff as it is.

    Also atttached is my first project of 2007 - an Irish Hiking Scarf in Jo Sharp Silk Road dk Tweed - colour 'Emerald'. It was suppossed to be nephew-by-marriage Christmas present two years ago - so about time I started it.

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