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Beaded Hat

I adapted this beaded hat from a pattern on this site. It was called a Devil's Peaked hat I think. This came out a bit large and floppy with all the beading.

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I'm Having Fun With Lace

I thought I'd never "go there", but I picked up "The Kitting Stitch Bible" and am having all kinds of fun with knitting lace...Photos to follow.

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Black Is Hard To Knit

I seem to have a hard time finding a cheap, acrylic, watchman's hat when winter starts to set in. I lose my hats a lot, hence the preference for inexpensive acrylic hats.

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Yet More Socks

Thanks to all of you who've been providing me with tips and words of encouragement.
This is my second pair of socks. I found a much more form fitting pattern to play around with.

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Pics of Socks

My first pair of socks from the Red Cross Pattern on Ravelry. They are a bit large.
100% Red Lion Wool. I think I'll try something smaller out of a blend for my next pair.

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Well, I've done it! I started a pair of socks.

I found a basic Man's sock pattern on Ravelry. It's a Red Cross pattern, and it looked pretty straightforward.

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Understanding Gauge and tension

I'm working on my second cardigan. This time I closely read the instructions and paid more attention to the gauge.

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My First Cardigan

I did it! My first cardigan. Lion's Brand Fisherman's wool on sale at Micheal's. I'm happy with it more or less.

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Establishing a Presence

I've been getting back into knitting in the past few months. It was prompted by a visit from one of my older sisters, who'd taught me to knit when I was 10.

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