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Esquire Magazine - Men Should Knit

From Esquire; Nov2005, Vol. 144 Issue 5, p74.


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FO - The Tucson Suguaro Cap

Matt and I spent Thanksgiving down in Tucson - I was inspired by the landscape (and beautiful weather) to try to make a saguaro cactus beanie.

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Calling All Mile High Knitters!

So I think we're going to try to get together this Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm at Dazbog's Coffee Shop on 9th and Downing. Post responses to this if you have any questions.

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1936 - Two Men Lead Knitting Class

The New York Times; Oct. 6, 1936:

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1934 - Columbia Men Form A Knitting Society

New York Times; Nov. 15, 1934, pg. 4:

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Greek Key Cap - "One More Try"

Well, I decided I didn't like the look of the cap as it was... too tall and maybe the top too flat.

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Greek Key Cap - Stranding Project

Well, it's finished. I got some suggestions on how to finish it off with the flat top. Basically divided it into 10 sections of 9 needles each and decreased each section every other row.

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First Stranding Project - Progress

So after a bit of practice with stranding, I cast on yarn for a hat and went at it.

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"The Last Knit" video

This video actually makes me want to cry. I'm not sure what to think about it. It's beautiful to watch...

If I couldn't knit anymore, I think I'd be totally lost.

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My So Called Scarf

Not sure what I think about My So Called Scarf. I think the confluence of the pattern, the lumpy-bumpy-ness, and the colors make for an explosion of visuals.

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