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Socks Yarn Dyeing CLASS is HERE!

Hey Guys~~ I have a announce to make!
Iam teaching a "SOCKS YARN DYEING" class Saturday, NEXT week Sep 15, 11 to 6pm at
HISSY KNIT(On new yarn shop Location in LA)

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Bubble Wrap Socks Pic!

On side view of Bubble Wrap Socks, finshed yesterday!

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Bubble Wrap Socks

Side view of Bubble Wrap Socks! It came out great!

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Bubble Wrap Socks is finshed!

I menage to finsh knitting a socks, sample for my hand-dyeing yarn!

Pattern: "Bubble Wrap Socks"

By: Sockbug at http://sockbug.blog-city.com/

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My Student's work!

Hand-dyed by my students on Saturday my socks yarn dyeing class at Hissy Knit.

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Dyeing Class students pic!

Applying some dye on the hank. The class is $40. and that included 2 hanks of sock yarn (880 yards) and all the materials!

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My Dyeing Class Display and Samples

All my class dyeing and knitted samples!

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TEACHING a Socks yarn dyeing class!

On last Saturday, I was teaching a socks yarn dyeing class at the yarn shop. It was great class and also great hot day for dyeing!

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NEW Knitting Needle CAME OUT!!!

I just checking my email...I got a email from "Knitting Zone" online yarn store! They have really really good NEW Knitting came out! It named "Fine needle" It is great for socks knitting and lace!

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Knitting Video Cast Episode #5 " Guy's Fall Knitting Fashion"

Hi Guys~
I just finshing posting my "Knitting Video Cast" on my blog...COME and SEE!

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