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TOTALLY OT, But Some Might Find It Interesting...

This really has nothing to do with knitting, with the possible exception that it's posted on my personal blog, which also deals with my knitting projects and thoughts... lol.

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Combination Knitting

So my grandmother (who originally taught me to knit) told me that she knit continental.

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Sweater Pictures

Finally after days of promising pictures (I know, you must have been sitting on the edge of your seats) I found my camera cable and was able to take some pictures of the sweater I'm working on =)

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My New Blog!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that I've started my own blog on blogspot.com, so if you'd like to follow, link up, or just read, my url is:


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Uh Oh

So I've been working on my first sweater (DROPS Men's Pullover with Hood) and I'm nearing the finish on the back, with only the sleeves and the hood to go.

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Knitting Flat on a Circular

So I've been looking into bigger projects to expand my horizons in 2010, and one project I would love to try is an afghan (found it on Ravelry, it's the Winter Lace Afghan from Lion Brand).

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So, I've been experimenting with gloves for the first time. Overall, they're not as hard as I thought they might have been.

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My First Blog Entry

Hi everyone! My name's Joe. I know I've been reading and commenting on posts for a little while now, but I decided that I should try to share some of my own work and submitting posts of my own =)

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