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Better luck next year....

I came in dead last at the fishing derbywith the smallest fish. I won a hat. Oh well.

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good day for so good.

I have got one square done for Jason's quilt! I am very pleased to say I was not the only man on the beach sitting waiting for a bite and knitting.

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This sight is amazing. I am so happy to be a part of it. This act of kindness towards our fellow knitter is so awesome. My wife has also offered to do a few squares.

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back finally..

Been working like mad. No time to post. Plus my key board space bar was broken and keeping me from typing because it was too much effort to fix everything after wards.

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ah yes....a accident has occured

Well... as you can see. he bamboo knitting needle. As you can see from behind me it was hers and she's not impressed! Thanks to Mmario's idea, Shish cabob sticks here I come!

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first sock!

Here's the socks I am working on. I am following a pattern to the best of my ability. The yarn is from my stash.

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Hello everyone.

I'm Kerry,nice to meet everyone.

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