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Some more of the projects

here are a few more of the things I have made or am working on. The shirt was made after seeing it in a boutique at $150.00.

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I am so excited!!!!!!!!

I bought a book of "Herbert Niebling's" lace patterns today, on a site on line. Oh I can hardly wait to tackle some of to get this crocheting out of the way first....or do I lol

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Some of my work

Just some of my past work!

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Garn Studio

Most of you likely know but has a complete range of patterns, which are free by the way, lol, the navigation of the site is very simple, I particularly like there Norwegian sweater patt

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A Canadian Pattern site

For those of you who may not have known there is a site called It specializes in old patterns as well as new, I am computor illiterate but find the site easy to negotiate, hope this i

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Hi everyone ...... this is a new experience for me, I belong to many sites for social meetings etc, but this is the first knitting site that I have joined.

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