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finished a sweater...

Just thought I'd share it with you....and of course there's a particular someone who's comments I also need....you know who you are!

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Green eggs and ham...

I knitted this scarf yesterday, it took me like 4 hours to knit and finish, as I started out I thought it would be nice, but something struck me as odd, I just didn't know what, it sparked some kind o

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Right...I know nothing about computers or the internet, and was now told that multiply still was not a good way to share my music with anyone, so I've created a myspace, I have after several hours man

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right uploaded some examples of me playing and conducting to a multiply site so anyone interested should be able to check ik out!


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first recording session!!! YIKES

Right guys I am off to my first recording session, I will be back in about 3 hours as I'm recording only one concerto so far! if possible I will try to add the recording to a message later!

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try out

hoping that I can upload more then one pic this time

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some of you

right some of you have been asking for other examples of things I've knitted so far, I will upload some of the sweaters I am proudest of, but could not possibly upload pics of absolutely everything Iv

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finally finished

I finally finished what I started two years ago, and I had promised to my mom I'd have finished for her in less then a year....in the end it took a little over two years, and I am proud of what i did

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