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rowan kidsilk haze sweater

finally got pix. this is the lace sweater i ripped out 4 times at the start. once i got going, it went well. it's marie wallin design from rowan mag #43, pg 9 in kidsilk (crack) haze.

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calling all l.a. area knitters

you guys want to get together at my place on saturday. should be beautiful day to knit outside

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calling all steekers

so this menacing lace piece is long enough to tell it is too wide. it's in trellis lace. is it possible to steek the excess off each end with such lose lace work?

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frogging bad week

i am making a lace sweater for a friend with rowan kidsilk haze. it's like knitting with air. i have frogged this thing four times already and it's 154 cast on sts.

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P2tog tbl

Visually and pratically what's dif between p2tog and p2tog tbl?

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any santa barbara knitters?

going to be up in montecito for the weekend and should be beautiful time for outdoor knitting. anyone in the area wanna join?

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coming to sf for weekend

is there any knitting going on at cafes in city friday or saturday? and neat knitting stores i should hit?

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catching up

haven't posted in ages (except for that haiti request - sad. not a single taker)

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anyone want to knit some blankets for haiti

local chapter of project linus committed to making 200 blankets for haiti. deadline feb 6. anyone want to get together this saturday and make some?

steve in l.a.

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l.a. knitters fro haiti

hey guys,

this saturday the local chapter of project linus is asking for a one-day crank out blankets for haiti children. we are meeting in pasadena.

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