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Ralf's vest

This one is for my husband Ralf. It's in Classic Elite's Firefly which is 75% viscose and 25% linen and slick as snot. As you can see from the picture I'm having a tough time keeping my tension nice and tight - in fact my fingers hurt like hell. I've used this yarn a lot before but only for lace and knitting loosely wasn't a problem but I need the vest to be pretty tightly knitted.

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I'm not quite happy with it but I might be if I could ever wear it. The day after I finshed it the temp shot up to 76° and is supposed to be near 80 for the next week. It's still winter for God's sake.

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Vest - the final step and a few questions.

The ribbing is finished on the arm holes and all I have left is the neck ribbing which brings me to a question - I don't know, maybe it doesn't matter but where should I start picking up stitches - at the shoulder seam? Also, because I'm a swimmer my chest is larger in proprtion to my shoulders than the average guy - not really attractive but it is what it is.

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Almost done

No one ever shows a project soaking so here it is all nasty and wet.

and of course blocking.

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Basic Pullover Vest in progress

The back is done and the front well under way. I told you all that I thought this would be a boring knit but it’s not that bad - I barely have to pay attention and the baby alpaca is delicious to work with so all in all I’m kind of enjoying it.

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Just had to share my February garden

This is St. Louis in February 2012- my favorite winter of all time.


My first daffodil in February ever.


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Basic Pullover Vest first hang up - HELP!

The math is not working out for me which means I'm interpreting something wrongly.

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The Sherpa

I've made this hat before in wool but I someone ask me if I could make one in something other then wool and this recycled silk came to mind. This yarn is really beautiful but really hard to knit with. The Sherpa was the perfect project for it, not much purling, it looks really apropriate and it's really comfortable and cozy.

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Zane Gray socks

These were my travel project for the last several months which means I only worked on them on long driving trips, meetings, in between big project or when dummy at the bridge table.

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The Basic Vest - My first truly fitted knit

Ya'll are just gonna have to hear all about it because I refuse to do this alone.

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