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Yarn in Stockholm

Just_A_Gurl_In_Seattle, I got your message - thanks! - but can't reply to it. (It says sender doesn't accept replies.) Hope you see this!

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Great Expectations

"Maybe it will be underpants," was Nili's comment when she saw my first attempt at a top-down raglan sweater. (She's a friend's daughter, 4 1/2.)

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I don't swear very often...

...but this triggered an eruption! I've broken a couple of bamboo needles before, but never metallic ones.

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Sweet and slow

It's a wonder I make any progress at all:

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Tvåändsstickning: two colours

Here's a swatch I knitted to test the same pattern in two ways: mixing purls & knits to the left, and knits only to the right. (It is easy to see where I didn't pull the yarn hard enough!)

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Learning a new (well, old) technique

This is how people knitted in Sweden before "continental" arrived.

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Where will it end?

Learning in the morning, teaching in the afternoon!

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New member on his way

Joakim (6) was eager - and quick! - to learn.

Thanks for kind comments!

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