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September 29th

rjcb3's picture

Maybe it's me...

...but every time I hear or read of knitting being classed as a "hobby" it strikes a nerve harder than Sr. Mary Fasulo in the fourth grade with the narrow edge of a yardstick.

September 25th

rjcb3's picture

Almost finished...

So, this is basically what it's supposed to look like.

The best name I could come up with at least for now is just simply the "QAL Top" until I find something else.

September 23rd

Kenny's picture

How do you swatch for Fair Isle?

Do you guys swatch in the round? Or in the flat with long floats on the back?

September 14th

MMario's picture

Rhinebeck 2009

Schedule is up on the website. I've been checking every couple of days and this is the first time I've seen 2009 schedule.

KilgoreTrout's picture

Standard fee for patterns

Hey guys!
Its been ages since I've posted anything here, and also many months since I've had needles in my hands. I was hoping to get some advice from other designers out there...

September 6th

bobshome's picture

Gooseberry stitch

I'm lost. Can anyone explain this *(P1, yrn, P1, yrn, P1) into next st, K1, rep from* - it's mostly the "yrn" part and the "into next st" ???????

September 3rd

Bill's picture

Tiny knitted things

These delightful tiny knitted things are available as patterns from:

and she has more on her flicker site...


How many of you guys have tried crochet as well?

September 1st

cashmere knight's picture

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

Hey guys, Wisconsin will be hosting the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival this month. So for those of you who will be nearby, it may be something to consider. I for one will be attending.

September 1st

Aaronknits's picture

Knitting For Charity: Hailey's Hope Foundation

I received this email from a very dear friend that I've known since kindergarten. I wanted to share it with you good folks here in hopes that we might be able to help.