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December 17th

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A quick Christmas knitting update


I've been quiet and this is why:

My favourite str8 manfriend's Xmas gifts: socks and hat
Friend Ali's Xmas cloche
My bf's mum's Xmas gloves

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LYS in Charlotte and Asheville?

Hi Boys,

I'm going down to NC to visit family in the next week. Any suggestions for must see LYS in either Charlotte or Asheville?

hearts and flowers,

December 16th

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My husband and I are now legal in the District of Columbia, little bit by little bit we're getting there.

December 13th

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Easy first project ideas......

Hi everyone and greetings from a very cold and icy Liverpool, UK.

I'm looking to take up knitting as a hobby over the winter months and would like some ideas for easy beginners patterns.

December 11th

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Pattern For Men's Fingerless Gloves

Hi All,

I'm a beginning knitter, just started my first pair of socks, and I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a mens fingerless glove pattern. (I'm at work and my hands are cold!)

December 8th

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Philosopher's Two-handed Method

I don't know if this has been posted or not, but...well...


Philosopher's Wool Two-handed Method

December 4th

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Flannel or felt...?

So I'm knittitng this crazy style fair-isle pattern going around a slouch beanie and there is a hardcore web/matrix of multicolored strands going around the inside.

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Miss Eiderdown's Stocking

Knitpicks has just posted a delightful story on their Kitting Community web page.

November 23rd

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WAY OT...kinda

Well, it's not knitting, but weaving...

Yeah, like my Scottish blood will have me take my hands off of the knitting needles only briefly to talk about weaving -- tartans, that is.

November 15th

FO - rjcb3's Pi Poncho

I apologize but the picture sucks and does not do it justice. I was going to have a neighbor model it but then I needed to ship it fast.